OXO Silicone Sink Strainer


Easy-to-clean silicone basket traps food debris to prevent clogs

I came across the OXO Silicone Sink Strainer about a year ago — when my regular strainer/stopper broke. I was amazed that a sink strainer had over 1100 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.6. But the strainer is really amazing.

In the past, I’ve been frustrated by my standard sink strainer / stopper:

1. It would often slip into “stopper position” which filled by sink with water – often getting my other dishes dirtier

2. As it didn’t sit flat on the drain, and food would slip by

Note that I use my sink mainly to wash off particulate matter before washing my dishes in the dishwasher. What I learned is that it’s very hard to make a good strainer / stopper combination. I always thought that having the two things together would be better than buying two separate items. As it turns out I was wrong on and even the OXO Silicone Sink Strainer with Stopper gets MUCH lower reviews than the lone strainer. But I love this strainer because:

1. It catches all of the detritus matter in my sink

2. It sits cleanly on top of the drain

3. It’s easy to clean as it’s made of silicone and can be easily turned inside out to “pop” the food off it.

4. It never fills the sink with water because it’s not a stopper!

A couple of things to note after you first get the strainer:

• Make sure that the strainer is in upside down in the garbage can when it’s turned inside out. Otherwise the food will “pop” off everywhere

• I realized that the pull to invert the sink strainer looks a lot like the stopper portion of a standard strainer / stopper. This may be confusing for the uninitiated. I still have a separate stopper for those rare occasions I need to soak dishes. But 95% of the time, my OXO Silicone Sink Strainer is king.


-- Robert Schlaff 04/13/21

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