Padded Eye Mask


Sleep mask with 100-percent light blocking material

The Bucky company makes the soft padded eye mask I’ve used for years now. It’s an essential I pack for any trip, and has other uses as well. Cushy and comfortable, it fastens with an adjustable velcro strap. An extra ridge of padding closes out light over your cheeks. In a stroke of brilliance, they include a little pocket on the front that fits a set of earplugs! With this portable darkness and quiet, I can rest on an airplane, tenting in a campground, sleeping in a shared room at a hostel, or taking a nap in the middle of the day.

It’s also a fix for the 24/7 intrusions in a hospital room: I’ve given several as gifts to friends headed for surgery and rehab. Most recently I found it helpful when I was sick in bed with a cold: coughing all night left me grateful for daytime dozing and the Bucky mask made it easy.

Other companies of course make a variety of eye masks, but this is one I am very familiar with and recommend. I looked up what seemed like a similar product at REI, but a number of reviewers said the black dye on the REI ones ran badly. The Bucky comes in various colors, and my two have never had any problems. At under $20, I find it a good buy.

-- Lynn Nadeau 01/7/16

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