Pahlavandle Indian Clubs


Adjustable weight Indian clubs

Pahlavandles are a pair of handles to convert used soda/water bottles into Indian Clubs. I learned about the handles from a friend who runs a training facility in Dublin; he hosts a club workshop every few months. I’ve never gotten any training; I’m slowly assembling my repertoire of mad clubbing moves.

There’s a lot of wisdom in the handle design. They feel good and work with any soda/water bottle. I started with 500ml bottles and have mostly graduated to 1L Trader Joes sparkling water bottles. The inventor has lots of pictures of clubs with Perrier bottles; I believe he uses food coloring in the water.

The handles come in a small simple cloth bag — perfect for travel. Simple instructions are included on a business card. Heroic Sport has a fair number of videos on their YouTube channel. “How to get started with Indian clubs. Ep 01″ is a particularly brilliant video. Beginner “George” has difficulty pronating/supinating his arms; this is true for most of us. These muscle/tendon lines — the Deep Front Arm Line (DFAL) and Deep Back Arm Line (DBAL) — are identified in “Anatomy Trains” (a 2010 Cool Tool) ). The abductor digiti minimi muscle of the hand is the distal endpoint of the DBAL.

The other use of this muscle is for the Vulcan Salute (see the great Leonard Nimoy interview). These lines are underdeveloped in most people; Indian Club moves are an excellent way to develop them. Live Long and Prosper! Are the handles a good value? As a pair of plastic handles for $25-32, they’re ridiculously expensive. If you take the time to integrate Indian Clubs into your daily activities, the handles are a marvelous discovery.

-- Phil Earnhardt 08/7/19