Personal Safety Emergency Pack


Compact, inexpensive safety stash

If you’re camping or hiking in a group, you can’t go wrong with the previously-reviewed Adventure Medical Kit. But if you’re a citygoing 9-5’er (read: not a search-and-rescuer), the Red Cross’ personal safety kit packs many of the basics — whistle, blanket, face mask, glow stick, poncho, germ wipes and first-aid kit — for a price that’s more or less unbeatable.

We’ve got a home medical kit. We regularly update the earthquake/disaster kit in our car (a plastic tub complete with basic med supplies, canned goods, MRE‘s, water, spare clothes, etc.). But like a lot of folks, I spend a chunk of my time working in an office building where I’ve always presumed/hoped supplies are both plentiful and current. That’s why I very recently stashed one of these kits at the desk I keep away from my home office.

Could the pack be more complete? Of course. My first gesture was to rubberband a small handcrank flashlight to the diminutive bundle. Even still, the embellished package remains small, light and manageable.

-- Steven Leckart 01/16/09

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