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PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish


Removes cloudiness, yellowing, oxidation, and fine scratches in clear plastics

After my project car sat on jack stands through the winter it took some deep cleaning to bring it back to daily driver duty. The headlights were a little hazed and got coated with redwood sap as well.

I bought a bottle of PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish on a trip to my local auto parts retailer to see if I could restore the original luster of my plastic headlight housings. I was surprised at the results and how easy it was.

My headlights were hazy, you couldn’t see the mirrors in the housing, and as I polished them with this cleaner and a lint-free rag I could see the plastic gain clarity right before my eyes. The difference it made was impressive, and I have used it to polish tail lights and plastic chrome trim as well.

One bottle has let me polish about six cars and there is plenty left. Much cheaper alternative to replacing those hazy plastic headlights. It literally takes minutes and helps your headlights shine brighter for safety on the road.

-- Seth Wilson 09/22/21