Platypus SoftBottle


80% less weight and bulk than a hard bottle.

For a few years I’ve been carrying this Platypus SoftBottle while backpacking to supplement my Nalgene bottle. For a load of 24g (0.85oz) I’m able to add an extra 1L of water capacity during dry stretches and use around base camp. When not needed, the bottle readily collapses and rolls up to the size of a granola bar. So far it hasn’t leaked once, even under weight, and has resisted punctures from Ontario’s notoriously rocky terrain. The plastic also hasn’t discolored or become brittle from exposure to sunlight. The SoftBottle is available in a variety of colors with a choice of screw-top or push-pull lid, and also comes in a 0.5L size. It’s utilitarian, reliable, and affordable- everything a Cool Tool should be.

-- Nabhan Islam 04/24/18

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