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Plugable Full-Size Bluetooth Folding Keyboard


Full-size Bluetooth travel keyboard folds into a convenient size

I saw this keyboard ($55) when David Pogue put it on his Christmas wish list on “CBS Sunday Morning”. This keyboard folds in 1/3s and its cool design does not leave a crack between the keys. Works with iOS, Android and Windows; is full size, folds to the size of a paperback, weighs only 1 lbs., works with Bluetooth or USB, the soft case that wraps around it and works as an adjustable stand that will hold a tablet or phone, has F1-12 keys, Navigation keys (Home, End, Page Up/Down; unlabeled), has both backspace and Delete, it turns on and off by opening and closing it. Although I have not used them it has media keys (forward, back, pause, volume) might be convenient when watching video. It does not lock open so you need to use it on a surface so you can not use it on your lap. The workaround is to put a book or magazine on your lap first. I’m a manual reader and theirs is only about two paragraphs long, but really that is about all that is needed.

-- Steve Golden 03/4/19