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Whenever I come across a great-looking article it is often extremely tempting to put everything on hold to read it. Yet that is rarely a good idea especially with longer-form stories that can eat up a good chunk of my time and play havoc with my work rhythm. So what I do instead is save them on Pocket and read them when I have some free time.

The problem was that I was often finding myself reading these great stories just before going to bed and, given how staring at a mobile screen tends to result in poor sleeping patterns, wanted to avoid that. I had tried saving those same articles on to my Kindle (which has a much more sleep friendly screen) but this had two problems: I was getting lost in the many individual files on the Kindle and it meant that unless I took my Kindle everywhere I wouldn’t have access to these articles if I had a spare moment during the day to read them.

So around a year ago I spent time looking for a solution and came to the perfect one with P2K. What this does is quite simple; it links your Pocket account with your Kindle and transfers articles from one to the other. It is extremely flexible. You can use it to transfer just one article once, or you can set a regular schedule when to transfer a batch of articles.

My preference is to set a weekly schedule where it transfers the most recent ten additions to my Pocket list. That way, every Sunday evening I find a new addition in my Kindle, a booklet containing the text from ten articles which I can then read at leisure before sleeping . This way, if I’m stuck waiting in a queue somewhere I can still take out my mobile and read something off my Pocket list. But I also know that those articles are on the Kindle to read there if I want to. Best of both worlds!

-- Paul Grech 03/16/21

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