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PocketDock AV

Portable audio/visual iPod solution

The PocketDock is the Swiss Army Knife of iPod connectivity. A non-standard, compact cable and small dock with several AV connectivity options, it replaces a bag full of adaptors and cables and makes life easier, especially if you spend a lot of time traveling and staying in hotels. Mine lives in my laptop bag and goes with me on regular business trips to Australia, so I can plug my iPod into hotel stereos and even hotel TVs to watch video podcasts via S-Video. I’ve yet to come across a situation where I haven’t been able to output satisfactorily. The key for me – aside from the fact it’s significantly cheaper than Apple’s AV Connection kit – is how the audio is line-out, rather than from the degraded headphone jack connection. The sound quality, therefore, is higher: I can barely hear the difference between AIFF tracks playing on my iPod through my Linn hi-fi at home and tracks being played via CD on my CD player.

— Chris Hunter

PocketDock AV Cable
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Manufactured by SendStation


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