Rite in the Rain Notebooks

Water-resistant writing pads

Whether you’re a hiker, biker, backpacker, camper, naturalist or simply someone who’s ever been caught in the rain, you’ll treasure these classic all-weather notebooks. The cover is Polydura and the pages are made with a substrate, giving the paper a wax-y feel. The effect: water beads off them, meaning no pulpy mess and no bummer over any lost thoughts or data. They are not a new invention by any means. Back in the 1920s, they were developed for Pacific Northwest loggers. These days, the manufacturer makes both bound and spiral bound books in an impressive array of sizes and types (e.g birding!). I keep a pocket-size, 24-page, staple bound mini-book in the small pack I take cycling and hiking. In the event of a downpour, all my ah-ha moments are safe. If you plan to be in really harsh conditions and want to go the extra mile, you might try one of their all-weather pens. Note: I have not used them — a pencil or standard ballpoint does the trick for me.

— Steven Leckart

You can also buy waterproof paper for inkjet and laser printers. The laser prints are completely waterproof. The inkjet prints need to dry for about a day or so, and may still bleed a bit if immersed in water, or kept in close proximity to something wet for a prolonged period. Still, this is a useful way to make maps, forms, signs or any documents that will be outside exposed to the elements. As a bonus, the paper is also stronger and more tear-resistant, making it ideal for print-outs that you’ll be using over and over (like maps).

— Leszek Pawlowicz


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