Collapsable phone grip

I noticed one of these affixed to the back of a friend’s phone and was intrigued enough to try it out. When you pull out the Popsocket’s ring, you can rest your mobile phone in the V-nook between your pointer and index fingers. It’s made a big difference in reducing hand fatigue from holding/using my phone for long periods of time, both for talking and typing. I also find myself dropping my phone less (despite using less muscle effort). The friend who showed it to me has trouble gripping things with her hands, and for her this widget has been a godsend. The Popsocket also works as a stand to prop your phone up in landscape/cinema mode. Mine is black, but it comes in a few different color variations (some more gaudy than others).

-- Rayan Parikh 05/10/22

(This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2017 — editors)