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Recomendo: issue no. 304

Like Wordle, but a lot more challenging
There are lots of guessing games inspired by Wordle, but one of the toughest (and most enjoyable) is Semantle. Like Wordle, there’s a new secret word every day. Start by guessing a word, and the game will give you a score between 100 and -100, depending on how close in meaning your guess is to the secret word. Be prepared to make use of the hints! Fridays word was headphones. I got in it 73 guesses with 12 hints. (Take a look at my guesses.)  — MF

Better toiletry bag
I’ve searched high and low for the perfect size toiletry bag that could fit all of my makeup and hygiene stuff, and I finally found it in this ZEEMO Dopp Kit for Men ($18). It has a main compartment where I can fit larger items, 10 mesh pouches and 2 zippered pockets. None of the unisex or women’s toiletry bags that I came across were as useful or well-designed as this one. — CD

Alternative to affirmations
I am very excited about this concept of pivoting from affirmations to iffirmationsInstead of saying to yourself something like “I am confident and strong” you ask yourself “What if I am confident and strong?” And by asking it in the form of a question forces your brain to search for evidence that this might be true. For me, this works because it conjures images and examples of ways I could be confident or strong or have been in the past, which then elicits positive and encouraging emotions. A lot more effective that affirmations. — CD

Most useful podcast
I’ve been listening to the Tim Ferriss weekly podcast for 8 years, and I looked forward to each episode. The Tim Ferriss Show began as interviews with world-class athletes and entrepreneurs deconstructing their habits and techniques. But as Tim matured, his interests shifted to mindfulness, emotional well-being, enlightenment, and relationships. His interviews run long, some for 2 hours, as he applies his superpower of uncovering the how-do-you-do-it angle, which makes his show so useful. The range is so broad and relatable that I recommend it now for all listeners. — KK

Best plant burger
Plant-based burgers these days are way better than the veggie burgers of old. My favorite is the new McDonald’s McPlant, which I find the best among the fast-food variety. It contains a Beyond Meat patty and tasty sauces. It satisfies all my modest burger cravings, and is now my fast food of choice. — KK

Reusable Furniture Sliders
We just got new bamboo flooring installed in our house, and before we rearranged the furniture, I put these reusable furniture sliders under the feet of heavy tables, couches, and credenzas. The bottom of the slider is thick felt and the top is grippy foam rubber. The sliders made it easy to move the furniture without marring the new flooring. They also have sliders that work on carpeted surfaces. — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 05/8/22

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