Portable precise cutting

I love portable band saws. Many tools that cut metal are super noisy and polluting. If you’re cutting metal with a cutting wheel it will spray hot metal; it shrieks. The great thing about the Milwaukee Port-a-Band is that it cuts almost silently. There’s no shaking. Zero. I can get my hands up really close to the cut; I can be precise. In fact, one of my favorite things to do with the Port-a-Band is to cut almost all the way through a piece, but not quite, so that the piece doesn’t fall on the floor when done. I can be that precise. One of the things these tools are great for is in situ or ariel cutting where you’ve gotta cut a piece of rebar that’s way up on a crane or somewhere precarious. This will cut through rebar all day, without shattering or shaking. Blade replacement is trivial. It’s expensive though, and the batteries themselves are about $100. Still, I like these cordless portable band saws so much I bought the little baby portaband version that Dewalt makes. I recommend the baby version for most folks — the cutting throat is obviously more minimal, but you get that precise shake-free silent cutting.

-- Adam Savage 09/6/12

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