Potette Plus


Best portable potty for toddlers

This is the best portable potty for toddlers. We’ve had ours for about five years, and our second child is now using it. It’s very light and compact, and it allows you to have a toilet available at all times while your toddler/young child is potty training. And for at least a couple of years after that. Like the previously reviewed Travel John, the Potette Plus is perhaps most useful for road trips.

Folded, it’s just 3 inches tall, and its footprint is approximately a 9-by-9-inch square. We’ve always kept ours in the car, but it could also fit in a daypack or large diaper bag. It takes single-use disposable bags (three included) with absorbent liners that you throw away, much like a diaper. Replacement bags are about $10 for 30. We’ve used ours mainly for emergencies, so it hasn’t added up to much.

Having these on hand minimizes anxiety for children, who are still getting used to listening to their bodies’ cues; also for parents, who know they’re covered wherever they go.

It also functions as a trainer seat that fits into a standard-sized toilet, but we’ve never used ours that way. Appears great for that purpose, too.

-- Elon Schoenholz 03/19/14

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