Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils


Visible wood marking

For marking on wood the suggestion is often to use a regular pencil on light woods and a white pencil on dark woods. Many colored pencils are quite soft and will not keep a tip very well for accurate marking on wood. I have found that the Prismacolor Verithin pencils have a hard lead that holds up well to use in the shop.

Since they come in a rainbow of colors I thought it might be nice to have some variety, so I have tried a range of different options, some shades of red, blue, purple, gold but what I have found is that there are only 3 pencils that stand out for marking on wood, and if I could pick only one pencil to use for all woods it would be the Prismacolor Verithin Metallic Silver (#753). Its reflective glint helps it show up on all woods, both light and dark.

My second choice all-around pencil is the Verithin Crimson Red (#745). It also shows up fairly well on woods of all shades. The white is good for dark woods, but doesn’t show up very well on light woods.

Other shades just don’t seem to show up as well as these on a range of different wood species. I’ve provided pictures of the pencils marking on Maple, Black Walnut and Honduran Mahogany with comparison to a standard #2 graphite pencil.

-- Adrian Mariano 04/28/21

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