Windshield clearing film

If you ever drive your car during rain and you haven’t discovered Rain-X, you are probably driving far less safely than you could. Rain-X is an exterior window (windshield, mirror, rear-window) treatment that causes water to shed from the surface rather than sheet. I don’t know the composition of the product, but it behaves like a silicone wax for glass. Water beads up and drips off.

Sheeting water on a glass surface, like a windshield, causes significant distortion in the light/images passing through the glass because it isn’t perfectly smooth. Rain-X causes the water to bead up so that spaces between the beads give you clear vision of what’s ahead. While this is clearly evident during rainstorms, it is UNBELIEVEABLY DIFFERENT during rainstorms at night. You can actually SEE!

During most rain, you can leave your wipers on intermittent when others are swiping furiously – and you will be able to see far better than they can even with the frenetic wiper activity. Better sight is better safety!

If you want a clear demonstration, put a bit of Rain-X on a 10″ square patch on your windshield just below the rear-view mirror (on the outside of the glass). The next time it rains, you won’t believe how well you can see out of this patch and how poorly your wipers are clearing the rest of the windshield.

I am very skeptical of “patent medicines” so when I try something that actually works I am very pleasantly surprised. This product has astonished me. I have been using it for many years and wouldn’t think of sending my kids out in a car without Rain-X.

(I think they are missing a bet by not offering their Rain-X “towelettes” as free samples over the Internet. They don’t even accept email on their site. Ah well, at least the product is great.)

— Durwin Sharp


Applying Rain-X by hand is for people with entirely too much free time:) Take a gander at the windshield wiper fluid with rainx already added. I have been using this for at least three years now and I give gallons of it for xmas. it is a wonderful invention.

— Douglas F. Calvert

Available from automotive stores
Manufactured by Rain-X


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