Ridgid Pro Pack


Rectangular Vacuum Cleaner

Like many people, I’ve had a lifetime of those round shopvacs on wheels with various attachments strung out around the house. The Pro Pack solves a lot of the problems that the traditional shopvacs had. It’s in a rectangular form factor much like a giant toolbox, right down to a sturdy handle and storage compartments for all of the attachments and the power cord. The shape and light weight make it easy to carry and store, and because the vacuum is so powerful — 5.0 peak HP — you can pick up all sorts of things. To empty, just pop off the top and pour the contents out. It’s easy enough to manage that I’ll probably be using it around the house almost as much as my regular vacuum cleaner.

-- Annette S. Leung 03/17/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2006 — editors)