General Purpose Tools

Robo Grip Pliers


Self adjusts around object. Spring loaded for one hand operation.

Last year I purchased a rolling toolbox second-hand. I spent the summer cleaning it out and saving all the useful items to merge with my own set of tools. This pair of Robo Grips went into the plier drawer without much thought. The first time I used them I realized these pliers were both self-adjusting and magnified my hand power. After working outside all day my hands were tired and these helped my work seem a bit more effortless.

Since then these have a permanent place on my workbench and have been reached for time and time again. These Robo Grips are made by Western Forge and despite the moving parts have proved to be incredibly durable. The claws self-adjust around objects as you squeeze the handle and are spring-loaded for super easy one-handed operation.

I prefer these over the usual set of vise grips, there is no adjusting or fine-tuning the gap, and no danger of over clamping, plus they weigh half the amount of my similar-sized vise grips. I use the 7-inch version almost daily. You can find these at Sears if you like an excuse to visit the mall or check out your favorite online purveyor of goods.

-- Seth Wilson 06/9/21