Safe Cut Can Opener

Tupperware Ergonomic Can Opener

Tool: Tupperware Ergonomic Can Opener ($49)

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Guest: Rusty Blazenhoff

“When I saw what it could do, I went, ‘Oh my God!’ I have to have this because I like making fake products and stuff like that. So I went to Grocery Outlet and I bought a bunch of these canned peaches [to relabel as a fake product]. And when you open it with this can opener, it pops off the glue that’s holding the the lid to the can. So there’s no sharp edges like there might be on a traditional an opener. It might be a little sharp. The can itself but it’s not serrated. It just pops it off. I empty them. I took the label off and I had a friend help me make ‘Mermaid in a Can.'”

-- Rusty Blazenhoff 12/30/19

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