Sangean AM/FM Pocket Radio


Killer AM reception

This Sangean pocket radio costs a lot more (4x) than the smallest available iterations from Sony and Panasonic, but it’s well worth the extra cash for two reasons. The first is that it picks up AM way better than anything in its size/weight class, both in terms of the number of stations and, equally important, the strength and clarity of the signals. And secondly, its size, 3.5″ x 2″ x 0.6″ (measured by me) and weight, 2.05 oz. on my postal scale.

Note that there’s no speaker so you have to use earphones (they come with a pair). Finally, its form factor is remarkably similar to that of the long defunct iPod mini. Now I can listen without static on AM as Larry, Sonny and Sam call the woeful Redskins’ games.

-- Joe Stirt 12/16/11