Wintercheck Factory Utility Shower Curtain


Multipurpose shower curtain

Recently, my $10 shower liner from Ikea became mildewy despite my best efforts (like most other cheap curtains before it) and needed to be replaced. Instead of buying another cheap liner I did a bit of research and discovered an improved alternative.

I’ve been using the Utility Shower Curtain, a simple but brilliant upgrade to an everyday object, for the past few months. It is, very simply, a shower curtain with four draining pockets sewn on the inside and two towel loops on the outside. What once was a shower crowded with shampoos and conditioners (I have two roommates) is now considerably tidier.

I’ve previously tried the suction cup shower storage units, and always found them to be finnicky (they always seem to come unstuck). That doesn’t happen with the draining pockets which can hold up to eight shampoo bottles. At first I was worried about the extra weight, but the shower curtain rod hasn’t faltered (although I did have to add a bit of wax to reduce the added noise/screech from the hooks). So far I’ve found it to be an essential upgrade for those with smaller bathrooms.

pocket detail.jpgThe Utility Shower Curtain is made here in the US with better materials that other shower curtains/liners I’ve tried. The 200-denier Oxford nylon is water resistant (it’s not waterproof like a liner, but still prevents any water from getting through), and dries fast, minimizing mildew. Unlike the cheaper plastic liners, it can be cleaned in the washing machine when it does start to get dirty.

While the Utility Shower Curtain is more expensive than a throw-away liner, I have a feeling it will be around a lot longer while minimizing my shower storage woes.

-- Oliver Hulland 12/15/11

(Note: For those who aren't looking to upgrade their shower curtain but who are handy with a sewing machine this is definitely a potential DIY upgrade.--OH — editors)