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Screw Pliers

Removes stripped out screw heads

The first time I used these screw pliers ($19) I was amazed that I had lived without a pair for so long. These pliers are designed for screw removal in cases of corroded or stripped heads.

Regular pliers tend to have straight jaws. This works if you grab the screw from the side (horizontally), but if you are in a cramped space and attacking the screw from the end regular pliers fail. I have had many pliers slip off a difficult screw because the jaws are straight where contact is made with the screw, which limits the gripping surface area.
Screw Plier Detail 2.jpeg
The jaws of these pliers are curved with teeth on the inside of the clamping surfaces. Since the jaws have both horizontal and vertical teeth, these pliers will bite into the circumference of the screw head regardless of the orientation – this makes stubborn screws very, very easy to remove.

It won’t handle stripped countersunk screws (those are suited to the extractor bits on the drill) but for other surface screws or bolts it should be fine.

-- Ezra Reynolds 05/27/19


Screw Plier Detail.jpeg
A close-up of the pliers inset teeth allowing for vertical traction.

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2011 — editors)

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