Seat Belt Extender


Comfort for big people

I am over-weight and have a large waist. My car’s seat belt is sometimes difficult to buckle and also drags across my neck. I purchased extenders from ‘Seat Belt Extender Pros’. They offer different types of extenders to fit various cars. They come in different colors and lengths. You can choose a rigid version that will stick up by itself or ones with a loose fabric belt; you can also choose adjustable extenders. I use the rigid ones so I don’t have to reach further down to find the buckle. Extenders also help with you are wearing large coats which can get in the way when trying to buckle up. The extender moves the buckle up several inches, based on the length you choose, which will also change the angle the seat belt crosses your body and your neck. I own a Grey 7 inch rigid version for my 2017 Subaru Outback. I also have a similar beige extender for my 2004 Honda CR-V.

-- Russel Brooks 03/8/19