Snag Nab-It


Repairs small frays in garments, drapes, and upholstery

This is one of those tools most people have never heard of but definitely could have used on a number of occasions. Did the cat snag threads on your new couch? A strand of yarn pulled loose on a sweater? Threads pulled out of the weave of your nice woolen coat? This is the tool that fixes snagged threads ($4); I’ve used it for about a decade now.

Basically, it’s an eyeless needle with a knurled shaft halfway from the point. You insert the pointy end into the fabric at the base of the loose thread, then bring the point back up through the fabric half-an-inch or so down from the snag, and wrap the loose thread around the knurled shaft (if it’s too short to wrap, just lay the knurled part of the tool along the thread). Pull the needle through completely, and the knurled shaft grabs the thread and pulls it underneath the fabric; gently twisting the shaft as you pull it helps it pull the thread through. It may take a few repetitions, but in short order the snag is invisible.

I just repaired my pricey winter woolen coat, which had several loose threads around the collar that have now magically disappeared. For items with long enough snagged threads, I pull the ends through to the back and then knot them on the other side, if possible, to prevent them from pulling out again. It lasts forever; its main problem is that it’s easy to lose… so don’t put it in with your regular needles — it’s probably better to just keep it in its original packaging, so you’ll be able to find it again when you need it. Next time you find a snagged thread, pick one up from the fabric store (or Amazon, of course).


-- Barbara Dace 03/7/19