Silicone Spoon Spatula


Easy-To-Clean Multipurpose Kitchen Tool

I’ve had this spoon spatula ($16) about four years and it’s the single kitchen utensil I use the most.

It’s perfect for mixing brownie batter, stir-frying vegetables, scraping jars, serving food from the pan into bowls, and pretty much anything and everything you can think of. I spread butter, jelly, and peanut butter with this thing. I use it to cut brownies, break apart cooking cauliflower, scoop cookie dough onto pans, scrape cut veggies off the cutting board, and I’ve even flipped pancakes with it (though I recommend the turner for that).

The seamless design is super quick to clean, doesn’t hold food flavors, and it’s never melted or deformed despite years of constant use and abuse (like being left on a cast iron pan of smoking olive oil). It can be cut though, as I found after carelessly stuffing it into my Vitamix!

Avoid using this with sharp blades and it’ll last a lifetime.

I also highly recommend the Silicone 13 Inch Turner as a complement to the spoon spatula, but the spoon spatula is really my go-to tool and rarely leaves the countertop.

-- Ian Hall 10/30/19

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2013 — editors)

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