Slick Stix Crayons

Better than classic crayons

Today we’re taking a look at Slick Stix from Crayola. They’re not cheap at around $10 a box, but I’ll show you what makes them so special. And if you want to pick some up using the Amazon link in the description, it helps support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

Crayons are awesome, no matter what age you are. They’re cheap and colorful, and you get that classic crayon texture.

The problem with crayons, though, is that you really have to push down to get a crisp line. And when kids do that, you get a lot of broken crayons.

The Slick Stix is an attempt to make a crayon that requires almost no pressure. It has a plastic barrel and cap, similar to a sharpie. The tip is so soft, it’s almost like a lipstick. The other side has this twistable knob that reveals more of the crayon.

Now let me say for the record that I’m not crazy for this design. They get used up quickly, and in the end you have this plastic to deal with.

But that said, the way these just effortlessly markup paper is unlike anything I’ve ever used. They’re like an oil pastel, but even softer and easier to grip.

I never have to retrace a line. You can draw with very little pressure and get a typical crayon marking, or push down a little harder for a line that almost looks like a marker. It’s a really bold look.

I learned about these through a post by author Austin Kleon, talking about his favorite art supplies for kids. Aside from liking the smooth line and the easy grip he says they these make everything you draw look like a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting.

They definitely surprised me. I wish they weren’t so expensive, and I wish you could refill them, but now that I have them in my house I’m hooked.

-- Donald Bell 06/2/18