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Recomendo: issue no. 339

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Brown noise for better sleep
I use a simple and free app called Soundly Sleeping to play brown noise while sleeping. It muffles the wheeze of my CPAP machine and other unwelcome nighttime noises. (Brown noise is mellower than white noise). — MF

Small squid cable
A squid cable is a power cable that splits into multiple strands so that each arm can be connected at once to the same source. I carry one as my main charging cable while I travel. There are many generic no-name brand models that are very lightweight, efficient, and versatile. My Puxnoin Multi Charging Cable ($13) is an All-in-One deal; it can charge (but no data) up to 4 devices from one USB plug. The four-foot long cable divides into two lightning cables (iPhones), a Type C cable (IPads, tablets, Samsung, Pixel), and a MicroUSB (Android, Windows, headsets, controllers). One cord to rule them all. — KK

Mandala coloring book
One of my resolutions for 2023 is to “play” more often, but also figuring out what kind of “play” works for me. My friend Camille described it best when she said play should have no consequences. That inspired me to start coloring before bed, which is very relaxing and seems to help unravel all the busyness I have in my head before I sleep. I’m currently coloring a book of sacred geometry designs by Martha Bartfeld, which is now of print but I found the newest edition here: Mandala Designs. — CD

27 life-changing micro habits
If you’re not the type to make resolutions for the new year, you might like this list of 27 Life-Changing Micro Habits That Require Only A Few Minutes. Here are some of them: Vow to walk around for two minutes every hour you sit at your desk. Start each workday with five long and deep breaths to calm your mind and get ready for the day ahead. Practice gratitude while you’re in the shower. Write for two minutes in the morning as you drink your coffee. — CD

Easier international internet
Most newer phones allow you to install an eSIM, which is like a SIM card without the physical card. I buy cheap eSIMs from Airalo to give my phone fast internet data when I travel to foreign countries. I can top up my eSIM when it runs out of data. — MF

Custom murals
Last year I drew or painted one art piece each day. This year I chose one piece to display as a mural on our living room wall. It came out fantastic! I used Wallsauce to print it out as repositionable wallpaper. I uploaded my digital file after I up-rezed it. My huge picture was 65 x 50 inches ($140), and arrived as two perfectly matched strips. The print was easy to apply (no glue, no mess) and looks like a genuine mural. The paper is a canvas-y textured plastic film, with very dense coloring. We are now hunting for other walls to beautify. — KK

— Kevin KellyMark FrauenfelderClaudia Dawson


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