General Purpose Tools

Stainless Steel Power Scissors


Cuts corrugated cardboard, vinyl sheet, and resin board

The traditional form factor of scissors is iconic and hard to argue with… Unless you’re cutting something tough: Then there can be problems — even if what you’ve got are sharp. Length can add leverage, which can be multiplied when using your whole hand for power. These cutters ($19) give you both, and comfortably too. Made from stainless steel, they’re long-handled, allow application of your whole hand’s power, and so these things chop right through anything you thought your scissors might be able to handle — but couldn’t. The offset blades give your hand clearance for safety, too.

Not that these are “for” clamshell packaging exactly, but the offset and leverage has made any such packaging I’ve run into a complete non-issue. More efficient than scissors, and a lot safer than any knife. They’ve got a flip-into-place spring to open the handles when in use, and then the spring folds back out of the way so it can go back into a drawer, pocket or tool bag. A handle lock is unneeded. There’s no reason to think the scissors you’ve been using should be replaced, and these add a lot to your cutting capacities. They’re a terrific addition. A fool-proof backup.

-- Wayne Ruffner 05/2/19