Sticker Shield

Removable windshield appliqué

Sticker Shield is a static adhesion sheet that surrounds a decal or sticker, making it easily removable and transferable from one surface to another. I’ve always had a problem with parking stickers. External stickers are easily scraped off during Chicago winters. Internal stickers are weatherproof, but can only be removed destructively from your windshield. Unlike the previously-reviewed Un-Du and Grip Solvent, which can ostensibly remove decals easily, Sticker Shield allows you to avoid the hassle altogether and preserves the sticker for re-use. The sheets are 4×6-inches, so if you’re using smaller decals, you just cut down the sheet and save the other half for another sticker. Often my partner and I switch cars, so now it’s much easier to swap stickers with each other before going to work. Or say a child has an awesome sticker he or she wants to put somewhere, but on a “permanent” basis. Whenever the time comes time to remove it, there’ll be no need to resort to solvents or scraping.

— Joel Grossman

These are SENSATIONAL. The plastic holds up perfectly for years and it is impossible to see you’ve made your “permanent” sticker a temporary and easily movable item. I’ve been using Sticker Shields (it used to be named something else) for at least ten years: one for my auto registration sticker and one for my state inspection sticker, both on my front windshield. My daughter also uses one for her apartment parking sticker, and gives it to friends when she’s not around town. She did that in college, too, so her pals could park on campus when she was off. It’s really fun to use, sort of like magic.

— Joseph Stirt


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