Xtreme Charge


12-volt battery juicer

I have a collector car I won’t drive in the snow, so I’m forced to use a battery tender to keep the battery alive while it collects dust during the winter. In years past, I’ve used a variety of chargers/tenders (I also had a Harley I stored in the winter), but none has worked as well as the Xtreme Charge I’ve been relying on this last year. Though my battery used to die all the time within hours of being removed from previous chargers, it now holds a charge for days on end. I am certainly no expert. What I know about how the system works is from what I’ve read online. It’s my understanding that once the battery’s gotten a full charge from the unit, it switches to a “pulsating DC current” mode. Apparently this pulse technology does something to reduce and keep sulfate deposits from building up again.

What I know about whether the charger works comes from the old, off-brand battery that, by all rights, might have been relegated to the recycle bin last year but is still holding a charge like a champ. At about the same time I bought the charger, I had already bought a new battery for the ’88 Rolls Royce Silver Spur. But rather than use the old battery to recover a “core” charge on the new battery, I kept it and used the Xtreme Charge on it, just to see what would happen. It brought the old battery back to life so well that today I use the charger to keep the old battery alive as a backup power source for my sump pump!

I really appreciate the charger’s LED display, too, which provides a constant readout of the state of the charge. Makes it easy to monitor its progress at a glance. After it first reads the current charge, a series of small lights begin pulsing. As the battery charges, the display expresses the status as a percentage of full: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Another great feature: if a battery is dead and cannot be charged, the display tells you bluntly “battery dead” (a situation I have yet to see *knock wood*). In years past, I would would waste time and effort hooking up more than one battery to a charger when it was simply impossible for the battery to take a charge. I went with Xtreme Charge’s “marine” charger because it’s water-proof and comes in a rubber casing. These days my battery is fresher in the spring than it is at the end of the driving season.

-- Ken Herrera 05/30/08