Sticky Bowl


Keeps bowls from falling off the table

The Sticky Bowl sticks a plate or bowl down to a hard surface. We have had a Sticky Bowl for seven years, since my oldest son first started eating by himself. My youngest son uses it now every meal time. The Sticky Bowl has two sides, one larger than the other. One side sticks to the table or bench, and the other side sticks to the bottom of the bowl or plate. It can be used either way up, so you can use the smaller side up on a smaller bowl, or large side up for a larger plate. There is enough suction either way up so that the bowl or plate will stick fast.

There are small handles either way so you can unstick the Sticky Bowl easily – this seems to be the advantage of this tool over alternatives. For example, I use two-sided sticky things to hold my phone down in the car, but I can’t move those easily. This also has the advantage of vacuum suction coming from the shape of it, so it will not lose that stickiness over time. Our use of the Sticky Bowl has been to stop our son’s plate or bowl from moving while eating, either accidentally or deliberately. We used lighter weight unbreakable plates and bowls when our boys were toddlers, as I imagine most parents do. These have the disadvantage of not having enough weight to stay in place with an inexperienced cutlery use. The Sticky Bowl overcomes this tendency for accidental movement and also holds the plate down so the toddler can’t pick the plate up and throw it – which will happen.

The hold that the Sticky Bowl gets on the plate is enough that we moved on from the lightweight unbreakable dinnerware much sooner than we would have. When looking for purchase links I found that the marketing of the Sticky Bowl now is directed at people with arthritis, who would find it easier to stir ingredients holding a bowl down with this, rather than with their other hand. This seems like a good use of the tool and probably why we will keep the Sticky Bowl when our youngest son grows out of it.

-- Graham Marshall 01/4/18