Sweater Stone


Organic lint remover

Tired of lint balls? This small pumice stone works much better than the electric fiber shavers I’ve used in the past. It’s also about 2×3 inches, so it works quicker than any lint comb for covering larger surface areas. Lightly brush the stone over any problem areas and the stone’s rough edges trim off the excess pilling and lint.

For me, after a couple months of use, the stone started crumbling around the edges leaving some small bits to clean up afterward. However, the amount of crumble is determined by how aggressive you are at de-linting — and actually, the soft, porous nature of the stone helps you avoid damaging your clothing. If you snag the fabric, the part of the stone that’s caught can give, instead of just continuing to tug on the garment. If you brush really fast you may also start to detect a sulfur-like smell, but it’s very subtle and you may never even notice it — especially if you aren’t too aggressive. This is great for people who want to keep their sweaters, scarves or any clothing with pilling looking nice longer, but also those who want to cut back on dry cleaning.

-- Adrienne Rodriguez 03/1/07