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img 10/25/19

Emily Nussbaum, TV Critic for The New Yorker

Cool Tools Show 197: Emily Nussbaum

img 10/18/19

Seth Godin, Bestselling Author

Cool Tools Show 196: Seth Godin

img 10/11/19

Kevin and Mark’s Four Favorite Tools

Cool Tools Show 195: Kevin and Mark of Cool Tools

img 09/28/19

Carla Sinclair, Author of Girl Genius

Cool Tools Show 193: Carla Sinclair

img 09/13/19

Rob Walker, The Art of Noticing

Cool Tools Show 192: Rob Walker

img 09/6/19

Susie Bright, Bestselling Author

Cool Tools Show 191: Susie Bright

img 08/30/19

Nik Schulz, Illustrator

Cool Tools Show 190: Nik Schulz

img 08/23/19

Jordan Bunker, Former Tech Editor for Make:

Cool Tools Show 189: Jordan Bunker

img 08/9/19

Jeremy Kirshbaum, Research Affiliate at IFTF

Cool Tools Show 187: Jeremy Kirshbaum

img 07/26/19

Dan Shapiro, Founder of Glowforge

Cool Tools Show 185: Dan Shapiro