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Tape Measure with Right-to-Left Read


Tape reads right-to-left

Not too long ago I stumbled into a YouTube video that opened my eyes wide to a problem I’ve overlooked for way too long – almost all measuring tapes are made for the wrong hand! In that video (0:18 to 1:47), I closely identified with the tape measure problems shown. I’m not a carpenter and so don’t use tape measures often; I just stumbled my way through using usual tapes. Now I know better. I’m right-handed, and write with my right hand – why should I use a tape measure designed to be in my right hand?

I searched a lot of Left-Handed or Reverse tapes; I wanted metric and silly Imperial, and, ironically, most of these tapes still relied on the belt clip standardized on the right-handed side. This one from Perfect Measuring Tape fit my goals. If I’m keeping a pencil in my right hand, I want the tape to be normal on my left side. This one stays left, with both measurement types printed on it. One more problem-source eliminated.

-- Wayne Ruffner 10/22/21

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