Taylor Analog Instant-Read Dial Thermometer


Classic, simple, reliable cooking gauge

Whenever I need a temperature read from an item in the oven, I use this inexpensive, stainless steel thermometer. It’s well-designed: I can read the numbers without my glasses or contacts, and a plastic sleeve protects it when not in use. Using my thermometer and the internal temperature specified (for rare, medium, etc.) in whatever recipe I’m working from, I always achieve the required degree of cooking. During the holiday season, I cook a goose, prime ribs, hams and other meats — special meals for my family that have to be just right. I’ve been using this thermometer for at least 9 years and it’s always accurate. When I needed a new one (the first one was dropped accidentally on a cement patio a couple years ago), I knew I wanted another Taylor since I had been so satisfied with the first one and the company has a great reputation. There are digital thermometers with timers and alarms available from Taylor, and other $20 – $90 digital incarnations like the previously-reviewed Thermapen. I’m not anti-tech by any means, but simplicity and efficiency are a very nice duo. This thermometer serves one purpose. It’s easy to read, easy to use, requires no batteries and can last a long time if take care of.

-- Cheryl Hassell 08/24/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2008 — editors)