Glue for clothing

I’ve used TearMender for years. Tear Mender is a milky-white latex liquid that, when applied to fabric, makes — voila! — instant patches.

It smells a little cheesy, but dries within minutes, and has allowed me to extend the life of jeans, coveralls, jackets, and shirts nearly indefinitely. I have garments decades old that have little of the original fabric showing, with odd clumps and scraps of denim plastered all over them, and I wear them proudly.

The recently re-branded Tear Mender is cheap to buy, lasts a long time, and scores a win whenever I use it. Great stuff.

Better than iron patches? Yes. Holds much better. Never comes off and easy to add additional repairs. If you’re careful, you can make “neat” patches, or you can make very strong patches that aren’t so pretty.

You can wash Tear Mender — over and over and over. I haven’t had any problems with skin sensitivity issues. Tear Mender does remain rubbery and “grabby,” so I wouldn’t use it to mend my boxers.

Tear Mender is also great for laying out sewing projects: it’s like tack-welding metal.

-- Neil Bibbins 03/31/21

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2009 — editors)

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