General Purpose Tools

Laser Cutter Safety Essentials

4 Tips for Better, Safer Laser Cutting

Laser Cutter – any is fine, I’m using an Epilog Fusion Pro 48
Nomex Fireproof Blanket (for stamping out laser cutter fires)
Halotron Fire Extinguisher

Guest: Ian Charnas

If your workpiece is on fire (and that’ll happen quite often, especially if you try to cut paper) you can take a piece of Nomex. This is a material it don’t worry it’s not made of gnomes, this is a fireproof fabric and Nomex is the trademark. You can just use this to stamp out the fire. Even if there’s a relatively large fire, I’m confident enough that this material is going to stop it. I’ll sit there and pound it out even while I’m holding the other side of the material. With this you can really have no fear. You’re going to be able to stamp out the fire.