Temporary tooth repair/Mudra cards/Conversations With Tyler

Recomendo - issue #357

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Temporary tooth repair

I was at a restaurant and bit something hard hidden in a piece of cake. It broke off part of my molar, and the jagged tooth cut into my cheek whenever I talked. I made an appointment to see the dentist the next day, and in the meantime, I bought a little container of orthodontic wax to smooth over the sharp part. The next day, the dentist told me I’d done the right thing. The container is so small that I keep it in my toiletries bag when I travel. I hope I never have to use it. — MF

Hand yoga instruction cards

I was a few years into my loosely-disciplined meditation practice when I felt the urge to make hand gestures while sitting. I knew nothing about Mudras or where to even start. Googling it just overwhelmed me. Thankfully, I found my way to this deck of cards called Mudras of Yoga: 72 Hand Gestures for Healing and Spiritual Growth. The instructions and photographs are clear and each card has a description of the technique, application and benefits. It’s definitely deepened my experience and I feel more embodied while meditating. — CD 

Never been asked before

I am on a virtual book tour, where I’ve done almost 100 podcast appearances. It is hard to avoid answering the same questions, and I always look forward to answering new prompts.  The interviewer famous for his unique questions is Tyler Cowen. Tyler did not disappoint when I appeared on his podcast. In Conversations With Tyler he asked me a string of exhilarating, unique, off-beat, made-me-think, and insightful questions no one ever asked me before, which was a total joy for me, and for listeners. We covered travel, tech, and advice. And it is not just me. Listen to any of these other interviews with a diverse range of curiously interesting people. — KK

AI emoji search engine

I felt a sense of glee when I came across Emojiton, because I take every opportunity to use emojis when it’s appropriate. I’m a fan mostly because they add a playful emotional context to whatever I’m trying to convey. Emojiton is perfect for finding a string of emojis to translate films or books, or words in other languages. Here’s Pinocchio in emojis. — CD

AI vacation itinerary

I used ChatGPT to create a daily itinerary for a family trip to Tokyo and it was a success. First, I asked it to give me a list of 10 interesting places and neighborhoods less than 90 minutes by Tokyo. Then I asked it to give me the top ten things to do at each place. I fined tuned the lists by asking ChatGPT to include the best shopping streets in each areas. The lists it generated, which include dining suggestions. I’m going to do this for every trip I take. — MF

The best e-book

I’ve had a Kindle since they were first introduced about 15 years ago. Every now and then I upgrade. The current version, the Kindle Paperwhite (11th generation, $140), is by far the best reading experience I’ve had. Its clarity, in dark and in sunlight, speed, battery longevity, and ease of highlighting are outstanding. In 8 out of 10 factors, I find the new Kindle is better than reading a paper book. (There is also a Paperwhite Kids version that has a rugged cover, an extra year of insurance, and a clever way to share and curate books with your kid.) The upgrade to Paperwhite was definitely worthwhile. — KK

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