The Cheese Knife


Plastic bladed knife easily cuts cheese

My wife bought this cheese knife mostly because of the story the salesperson told. As it goes, “a woman was cleaning up her father’s home after he passed and stumbled upon a prototype of this knife and a patent for its blade. She used the prototype in her own kitchen, found a producer, and began selling these knives.” The cheap plastic appearance does not do this blade justice for its intended purpose – slicing through cheese like a lightsaber through … ok, just about anything. The wedged blade design keeps the cheese from sticking to the knife after slicing.

Don’t let your kids use it to chop other food items. The blade is not durable and will chip or deform if you use it for something other than cheese, but for straight cuts off of a wheel of good smelly cheese, it can’t be beaten.

There is a similar product for cakes too, and it works well.

-- Art Provost 09/2/21

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