The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner


Stainless steel chainmail cleans cast iron

I bought The Ringer the same day I bought a cast iron waffle maker. Amazon listed it as a purchase that was Frequently Bought with the waffle iron, and I figured, why not?

I’d previously purchased the Bamboo Wok Brush Cool Tool and had been pretty impressed with the results. That said, I still found caked on scrambled eggs were a problem requiring some elbow grease, and I was eager to find a solution.

The Ringer fit the bill. A small net of interlocking steel rings, the Ringer works as well as steel wool, but doesn’t scratch or mar the cast iron cure. It’s a bit pricey, but I expect I’ll only have to buy one ever, and if you use cast iron cookware every day, it’s well worth it.

-- John O'Brien 01/29/16

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