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Stud Thud Magnetic Stud Finder


Dual magnets create a "thud" when passed over a screw or nail

The Stud Thud is a magnetic “stud finder” which is very strongly attracted to the steel nails or screws that are used to secure sheet rock or wood lath to the wall studs. Finding a vertical line of nails in a wall give a pretty good approximation as to where the stud is. In a sheetrock wall, the attraction is so strong, the Stud Thud holds fast to the wall and hangs there right in place while you either mark the location or drive in a nail. Several other devices will indicate where such nails are in sheetrock. Where this device really excels is in finding nails in plaster walls and even behind ceramic tile–although finding these requires a little more finesse. You have to watch the pair of steel washers in the base of the Stud Thud and look for movement as the device is slid over a nail buried much deeper in the wall. Having some idea about the construction techniques used in your house helps.

I have used a number of other stud locators — including several electronic devices. In my opinion, the Stud Thud is easiest to use and gives the most reliable information. As is the case when mounting any safety device or item of high value, it pays to mark the studs you find with the Stud Thud and then probe the area slightly to the left and right with a small diameter nail — to make certain you will be securing your important item directly into the center of a wall stud.

The Stud Thud is small, portable, inexpensive and bound to become the tool that you will always wonder how you did without.

-- Gene Halpern 02/1/16

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