Living on the Road

Thermos Nissan Travel Mug


Insulated clip-on cup

I’ve had this coffee mug for about five years (coincidentally the length of the warranty), and it’s held up very well. It keeps stuff hot, and is usually on-hand thanks to the included carabiner.

I haven’t tried the OXO Liquiseal Travel Mug for comparison, but my Thermos Nissan mug is very easy to keep clean. It’s dishwasher safe; the OXO mug isn’t. The lid on my mug can be popped apart with a small coin for cleaning, and its silicone O-ring is also easily removed if it needs a wash. The bottom rubber cap can also be pulled off to be cleaned, and the black silicone hand grip around the mug can be removed, too.


I am never worried about leaks in my car, on my camera bag or inside my backpack. I love the handle-ring combination because the handle fits into my pocket while the mug remains outside; though not the most secure way to carry the mug, it is a great option when my hands are full. When I lose or destroy this mug I’m going to get the exact same one because it is the ultimate on-the-go coffee cup.

-- Bill George 10/9/09