Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener


Makes sharpening your chainsaw much easier and more precise

I am cheap and always manually sharpened my chainsaw chain after it became dull. I tried several file attachments and saw holders before landing on the Timberline Sharpener ($133) from Idaho. I have used the Timberline exclusively for manual sharpening for about 3 years and am having the best results ever.

It is mounted on the saw blade while the chain passes through the device to allow each tooth to be ground by the carbide bit that fits through the side at two discrete angles to hit each side of the chain. This enables the tool to be used without removing the chain from the saw and deployed anywhere you can place a chainsaw (ie. a stump or the bed of a truck in the woods).

My most common bench is now over newspaper on the kitchen table while I watch TV and clean up my chains after a day in the woods. My confidence in the chain I just sharpened has gone way up and I no longer go through round files. The consistency of the fixed angles means I also have a more straight cut on high diameter logs.

My main impediment to buying it initially was the price compared to other sharpening methods. I would advise others that quality often does cost more and usually makes the user happier than a less expensive product. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to sharpen chains while away from a shop, likes things done well by hand, and hates seeing a chain get chewed to the shortest cutting tooth in a grinder setup. This tool would not be appropriate for those seeking a custom angle or using square files on the cutting teeth.

-- Steven Park 07/10/19