Travel Gear Deals/”Resort” Fees/Affordable Switzerland?

Nomadico issue #54

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A Big Week for Travel Gear Sales

This time of year is a good time to shop for travel gear and outdoor apparel in the USA since it’s a between-season time, but then you also get the excuse for a big sale by way of Memorial Day. I send out an erratic newsletter when the stars align like this, with the best gear/clothing/luggage sales collected in one place, so go check it out here. If you’re in another country, it’s still worth shopping at this time of year and checking the physical or virtual clearance racks.

Finally, Resort Fee Transparency

Those hidden resort fees that have replaced Wi-Fi fees—including at hotels that are not a “resort” by any stretch of the imagination—will stop being so hidden it looks like. After losing a lawsuit last year, Marriott had until May 15 to start showing these fees up front in their pricing. Since they’re the largest hotel chain and others don’t relish the thought of getting sued, more chains should follow suit. Plus the U.S. government has signaled its own penalties if this continues. Unfortunately, the lawsuit doesn’t impact the likes of Expedia or Booking, so for now look out for continued pickpocketing on the last screen from them.

Affordable Switzerland for Nomads

I spent two weeks in the village of Liddes, Switzerland in March on a skiing and nomad work trip with Coliving Frilingue and loved the scenery in the area. You can enjoy the summer version of it in a surprisingly affordable week at the Nomad Fest Switzerland running August 20 to 27. You can get the conference ticket through May 31 for €100, then add half board for €175 and/or lodging from €287 (single in a dorm bed) to €474 (double room for two with bath). So a week in Switzerland with transfers, lodging, and meals could come in under €1,200 for a couple. Plus you get a 10% discount if you use TIM23 for the promo code.

The Best Super-zoom Camera

After a note about a camera sling a few issues ago, a few readers e-mailed me asking about that super-zoom camera I mentioned. I’ve tried five different brands of them over many years and have been happiest with the Panasonic Lumix I have now. It has a 60X zoom—great for wildlife, close-ups, and zooming past power wires. The model I have is the FZ80 with 4K video, currently around $400 at Amazon. It has been to 20+ countries over the course of years while stuffed in my laptop backpack and has produced photos that have run in magazines and in countless online articles.


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