Trigger Point Foam Roller


Relief for tight muscles, knots, and kinks

I’m learning to address chronic back/hip/leg muscle tightness that gets especially brutal after cycling. In the last year, I’ve started learning the art of foam rolling. I began using an inexpensive 3-foot roller that works well. However, it’s cumbersome and impossible to travel with. I had no idea there are shorter foam rollers until a couple months ago when my physical therapist recommended one. Today, this 13-inch roller is the only one I use — at home, at my office, wherever. This particular model isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it. The textured foam patterns are helpful for working out especially tough knots. Most importantly, this roller is hollow instead of solid foam, so I can stuff the inside with socks and save space in my travel duffel.


-- Steven Leckart 11/13/17