Unclog Tips for Better Welds

Welding Tip Cleaners Compared

Tools (Recommended):
Metal Shell 13 in 1 Stainless Steel Welding Torch Nozzle Tip Cleaner ($6)

Hobart 770086 Welding Tip Cleaner – Drill Type ($15)

: Jen Herchenroeder

“This has a variety of different sizes of files and they’re all very small round files. And what you do is grab the smallest one that will fit and you use that to kind of gently a ream out where the metal is collected inside. You don’t want to use the one that’s too big or force one through because these nozzles are fitted to the size of the welding wire running through them. So .030 or .035, and if you change the diameter of that hole, you’re not going to get as clean of a weld as you would like. So just choose the smallest one that fits.”

-- Jen Herchenroeder 04/6/20