Untranslatable/Acquired/Drawstring Tea Bags

Recomendo - issue #397

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Discover linguistic curiosities 

Untranslatable is an online dictionary of idioms and expressions contributed by native speakers all over the world. All entries are verified and insights are offered into the usage, context or significance. It’s fascinating to explore the entries and different cultural nuances. — CD 

Business Long-Form

I find business boring. But I am totally engrossed by the long-form stories on the podcast Acquired. They present a book-deep report on a current world-class company, spending several hours on the story. The histories are never boring, and they are invariably unconventional and improbable. The Acquired guys, two VCs, accompany this rich history with insightful and accessible financial analysis along the way. Each episode is a master class in business. Some of the outfits they have covered include Nintendo, Nike, Nvidia, and the NFL. Their most recent episode (2 hours) on Novo Nordisk, the pharma originators of insulin therapy and now weight-loss drugs like Ozempic was phenomenal and eye-opening. (And that is just the companies beginning with N!) — KK

Drawstring Tea Bags

My wife pre-loads these disposable tea bags with her favorite loose leaf tea before we travel. They have a drawstring closure, like a laundry bag, to seal the tea inside. They are robust enough for multiple uses, too. — MF

Libby Deep Search

I use the Libby smart phone app to read Kindle versions of books and listen to audio books. You just need a library card from your local library to activate your free account. If you have trouble finding a particular book, use the deep search function listed under “Filters” in the app. Here’s a video that explains it. (Note the not all libraries offer deep search.) — MF

Better work breaks

It’s hard to take breaks even though I work from home. I appreciated reading these “5 Simple Guidelines For Better Breaks” and the reminder that 1. Something beats nothing. 2. Moving beats stationary. 3. Social beats solo. 4. Outside beats inside. and 5. Fully detached beats semi-detached. I need to remember to stop multitasking during breaks. — CD 

Good Movies

I’ve recently enjoyed some good streaming movies that were not blockbusters, and maybe not even Great. I thought they were entertaining, maybe just good, yet still recommendable, if below the radar.

Society of the Snow. Everyone’s heard of the sports team whose plane crashed in the Andes and the boys had to survive for 2 months. It was a great book (Alive!), and later an okay movie, but this 2023 movie, filmed in Spanish by a Spanish crew, is stunning, moving, accurate (parts filmed in original crash site) and as close to being there as anyone else will get. This one is memorable.

The Holdovers. A sweet drama about a jaded prep-school teacher and bratty, troubled students who have to spend the Christmas holidays together at school and they all get life lessons. Despite the well-worn premise, there are almost no cliches, and the turns are unexpected, in part because the story is semi-autobiographical. Perfect for a Christmas movie list.

Jules. A comedy about an elderly man living by himself (played by Ben Kingsley) who makes friends with an alien who crashes his space ship in his back yard. The alien is non-verbal and needs dead cats to fuel his rocket. It’s a rom-com with an alien. — KK


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