General Purpose Tools

Vaughan Pull Stroke Handsaw


Made to cut on the pull stroke rather than on the push stroke

I have used Japanese pull saws for more than 20 years. The ease of starting and accuracy of the cut makes them, in my opinion, a superior saw. But they are expensive, and the ones I’ve owned have been prone to rust.

The last saw I had, a Ryoba double edged, costs close to $100 from the Japanese Woodworker. Three years ago I happened across the Vaughan Bearsaw single bladed pull saw in Home Depot. It sells for under $20 and has a pistol grip handle and replaceable blades that I like. I have used the saw extensively for three years, cutting everything from hardwood plywood to PVC pipe, dimension lumber and whatever, whenever I needed a clean cut on a project. The blade is still sharp and has not needed replacing, and it cuts every bit as nicely as the Ryoba.

I have since purchased a Vaughan BS150D double-bladed for flush cutting. Both saws have worked well beyond my expactations, especially for the money. I recommend them highly. Definitely a Cool Tool.

-- Stephen Young 07/28/20