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What’s in my bag? — Alice Zilberberg


What's in my bag? issue #60

Alice Zilberberg is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist, recognized by curators, collectors, and art patrons across the globe. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, and raised in Israel, she currently resides in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Photography program, she began her artistic practice by painting: a verve which remains very much present in her digital works. The winner of numerous prestigious competitions, her accolades include 1st place titles in competitions such as the International Photography Awards, the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, and the Fine Art Photography Awards. You can find her on Instagram @alicezilberberg and on Facebook @alicezilberbergartist.


About the bag

WANDRD PRVKE series Backpack ($184US, bag only)
This bag is one of those items that I will never part with, and with the quality in the make, this specific one will probably last me forever. As someone who needs to travel with a camera to go on day trips or travel a lot, this bag is my base for getting organized. It allows me to store photography equipment at the bottom, a laptop, and everyday things at the top of it. The weight distribution and an extra strap to place around my hip is great if I’m going to have this on my back for long. The multiple access points are essential, since at any moment on a trip I might want to take the camera out fast and conveniently. In airports, I take my laptop out in under 10 seconds, saving me so much time in security!

What’s inside the bag

Nikon D850 camera with a Nikon 27-70mm 1.2 lens ($5000US)
I love traveling with this camera. It provides me with everything I need for long shooting trips. The quality allows me to print my artwork at museum sizes later on. I have many lenses, most of them are prime, but this one is a nice go-to that allows me to cover widespread subject matter.

Peak Design camera strap ($65US)
With the kind of work I do, I find myself hiking a lot in order to shoot in nature. I find this strap one of the peak products out there in terms of shooting accessories. It allows me to keep the camera around my hip and walk comfortably while scouting an area for locations and shooting. It’s very well made, and like my bag, will probably last me a lifetime.

Notebook and pen ($3-$4US)
I like to carry around a simple lightweight and small notebook with me when I go away. I write down addresses for hotels, destinations, and creative ideas on the go in order not to rely on my phone to get to places. I wouldn’t want to get stuck somewhere if my phone died without having information written down on paper. For addresses, it’s easy to show a cab driver or a local a destination without handing out my pricey phone!

CamelBak water bottle ($11US)
Whether at home or while traveling, I always have this on me. I’m definitely addicted to having a source of water with me no matter where I am. Other than keeping hydrated, I am happy to reduce the world’s single-use plastics. Even in countries where the tap water is not recommended for drinking, I buy big amounts and fill this bottle twice a day to reduce waste!

-- Alice Zilberberg 07/29/20

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