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Velcro One-Wrap

Heavy-duty Velcro ties

I carry a roll of the Velcro Plant Ties in my tool bag, but also keep One-Wrap Velcro strips in the shop. While they’re much more expensive, I’ve found the larger kind to be substantially bulkier and stronger. Here in Toronto, we have alternating weekly garbage, recycling and green waste pickup. We also have rapacious raccoons. I found if I add a simple loop of One-Wrap, screw it into the side of the green bin and loop it over the locking bail of the bin, the raccoons cannot open it. I first tried Plant Ties. They just wouldn’t hold. For my purposes, a One-Wrap is good for about a year, after which it is easily replaced. It’s available in various colors and sizes. The lower-end of the One-Wrap line is a similar size to the Plant Ties, which are 13 mm wide; however, the One-Wrap also come as large as 22mm. It has deeper loop Velcro (thicker and fuzzier), and as the width of the tape increases, the size of the loops and their grip strength increases. Plant Ties really are great for handling all kinds of tasks, but One-Wrap is strong enough to bundle thicker rope, heavier hoses, and most importantly for me, they keep raccoons out of the recycling.

— David Keldsen

I much prefer the uncut rolls rather than the precut pieces that are never quite the right size. You can get the rolls in widths ranging from 5/8″ to 2″ wide, in various colors. Snip off just as much as you need. All my computer cables are shortened by rolling them and wrapping with one-wrap. I use one-wrap anywhere I used to use twist-ties.

— Charles Platt


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